Computer Fundamental Course

In This Page You Will Learn all about computer Such As Internet Browsing , Mailing , Resume Creation ,Data Entry , Inventory Management,  Blog Post Creation , Table Handling And Much More. After completing the course the person will be able to use the computer for his personal / business Work.

Computer Fundamentals

1. Keyboard - Types Of Key
2. Computer Shortcut Keys Download
3. Tally Prime Shortcut Keys Download
4. How To change Mouse Pointer In Computer

Computer And Windows Basic 

1. Computer Introduction and Definition
2. Advantages And Disadvantages
3. Computer Number System
4. Input Output Devices
5. CPU (Control Processing Unit) - (ALU, Control Unit, Memory)
6. Computer Memory RAM – ROM – Hard-disk
7. Computer Software And Uses
8. File / Folders Create, Delete, Rename
9. View - Short – Group Data Shorting / Arranging

MS Word

1. Introduction Of MS Word
2. MS Word Tabs
3. Resume Creation
4. Creating Multiple Columns
5. Inserting Online Image, Hyperlink and Page Breaks
6. Table Of Content Making
7. Page Print Setting

MS Excel 

1. What is Spreadsheet? Fundamental Of MS Excel
2. Cell , Row, Column And Cell References
3. Conditional Formatting
4. Data Validation
5. Filter And Shorting Data
6. Working with Charts
7. Basic 10 Excel Formulas


1. Introduction to Internet
2. What Is Search Engine
3. Deference Between Blog And Website
4. Concept of E-mail.
5. Internet Browsing