Learn Tally Prime Course With GST


Tally Prime Tutorial Basic

Tally Fundamentals

How To Download Tally Prime Software 

Create A Company In Tally Prime

Alter / Edit A Company Info

Delete A Company From Tally Prime

Create Ledger / Groups  In Tally Prime

*** Which Ledger Came Under Which Group In Tally 

Alter / Edit Ledgers / Groups In Tally Prime 

Display Trial Balance 

Stock Group Creation

Stock Category Creation 

Stock Unit Creation 

Stock Item Creation 

Location / Godowns  Creation 

Journal Voucher 

Purchase Voucher Payment Voucher 

Sales Voucher / Receipt Voucher 

Contra Voucher 

Display P &L Statement 

Display Balance Sheet 

Advance Tally Prime Tutorial 

Debit Note & Credit Note 

Cheque Printing & Record Maintain 

Bank Reconciliation 

Multi Currency 

Multiple Price Level 

Add Discount Column In Invoices 

Use Actual Qty And Billed Qty In Tally Prime 

Purchase Cycle 

Sales Cycle Complete Tutorial

Zero Value Entry 

Point Of Sales 

Cost Centers 

TDS In Tally Prime 

TCS In Tally Prime

Payroll Master In Tally Prime 

Interest Calculation 

Product Manufacturing In Tally Prime 

Scenario In Tally Prime   

Budget Control In Tally Prime 

Tally Auditing In Tally Prime 

Multiple Godown Stock Transfer 

Export/Import Of Data 


Split A Company 

Internal Backup & Restore 

Printing All The Reports 

Tally Prime With GST 

What Is GST?  

Purchase With GST 

Purchase Voucher With Local Tax GST :  CGST - SGST

Purchase Voucher With Interstate Tax IGST 

Purchase Voucher With GST :  CGST - SGST - IGST 

Sales With GST 

Sales Voucher With GST : Local Tax - CGST - SGST 

Sales Voucher With GST : Interstate Tax - IGST 

Sales Voucher With GST : CGST - SGST - IGST 

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