Learn Advance Excel Course With 50+ Formulas

Learn Microsoft Excel Course from beginning  to  Advanced. Learn Advance Excel Course with 50+ Excel  Formulas such as VLOOKUP, Index & Match ,  Logical Formulas , Financial Formulas,  cells formatting, macro and many more. 

There are many categories of Excel formulas, but here are some of the most common ones:

1. Arithmetic Formulas: Used for basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

2. Logical Formulas: Used for evaluating logical conditions like IF statements, AND, OR, NOT, etc.

3. Lookup and Reference Formulas: Used for finding and referencing specific data within a worksheet or across multiple worksheets.

4. Date and Time Formulas: Used for calculating and manipulating dates and times.

5. Text Formulas: Used for manipulating text strings, including concatenating, separating, and formatting text.

6. Financial Formulas: Used for calculating financial data, including interest rates, loan payments, and investment returns.

7. Statistical Formulas: Used for analyzing statistical data, including mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and variance.

8. Engineering Formulas: Used for performing engineering calculations, including calculations related to electricity, mechanics, and materials science.

9. Database Formulas: Used for working with data stored in a database.

10. Array Formulas: Used for performing calculations on a range of cells rather than a single cell.

Basic Excel 

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Basic Functions 

Advance Excel Tutorials 

Advanced Excel is the use of more complex functions and tools within Microsoft Excel to analyze and manipulate data in more sophisticated ways. Some of the advanced features of MS Excel include:

These functions can be accessed through the Formulas tab in Excel, or by typing their names into a cell preceded by an equal sign (=).

2. Logical reunions :

In Microsoft Excel, logical functions are used to evaluate logical tests or conditions and return a TRUE or FALSE result. There are several logical functions in Excel, including:

1 If Function In Excel
2 If And Function In Excel
3 If Or Function In Excel
4 Nested If Function
5 Choose

3. Cell referenced :

Cell reference in Excel refers to the way that Excel identifies a cell or range of cells on a worksheet. A cell reference is typically a combination of a column letter and a row number that identifies a specific cell, such as A1, B2, C3, and so on. The cell reference tells Excel which cell to use in a formula or function.

1 Relative
2 Absolute Reference
3 Mixed Reference

4. Lookup Function 

In Microsoft Excel, the LOOKUP function is used to search for a value in a range of cells or an array, and return a corresponding value in the same position from a different range or array. There are few types of LOOKUP functions in Excel:

5. Statistical Function In Excel:

In Excel, statistical functions are built-in functions that perform various statistical analyses and calculations on data. These functions are designed to help you analyze and understand data by providing you with tools to summarize and make sense of it.

Here are some common statistical functions in Excel:
1. Sumif In Excel In Hindi
2. Sumifs Function In Excel In Hindi
3. COUNTIF Function In Excel In Hindi
4. COUNTIFS Function In Excel In Hindi
5. Averageif Function In Excel In Hindi
6. Averageifs In Excel In Hindi

6. Count functions :

In Microsoft Excel, there are several COUNT category functions that allow you to count cells based on specific criteria. These functions include:

1 Count
2 Counta
3 Countif Function
4 Countifs Function
5 Countblank

7 Text Functions :

In Microsoft Excel, the TEXT function falls under the category of "Text" functions. This category includes various functions that can be used to manipulate and format text strings. Some of the other functions in this category include:

1 Proper Function In Excel
2 Upper Function In Excel
3 Lower Function In Excel
4 Left Function In Excel
5 Right Function In Excel
6 Mid Function In Excel In Hindi
7 Len Function In Excel
8 Trim Function in Excel
9 Concatenate Function In Excel

8. Financial Formula 

Microsoft Excel has a wide range of financial functions that can be used to perform various financial calculations. Some of the commonly used financial functions in Excel include:

9. Other Excel Functions