How to record blank cheque in tallyprime

A blank cheque is a cheque that has not been filled in with a specific amount or payee. In TallyPrime, you can create a blank cheque by following these steps:

Step 1 Create a Bank Ledger 

Fill your cheque book details such as cheque range.
Bank Details 
Ledger Name:    Union Bank Of India
Under:                Bank Accounts
A/c No :              87624245242909
IFSC Code:        UBINO765432
Opining Balance:  100000 Dr  

Note: you can ignore this step if you have already done it.

Step 2 Set/Alter range of Cheque Books

Cheque Book Name: 1st Cheque Book
Cheque Book Range:    100901 to 101000
No Of Cheque:               100 Nos

How To Pass Blank Cheque In Tally Prime 

For record blank cheque details in prime so first of all we have to make following changes in payment voucher as shown below.

Step 3 Alter Payment Voucher 

Gateway Of Tally >> Alter >> Purchase Type > Payment
Allow zero - valued transactions - Yes

Step 4 Create a Ledger Of Party 

Gateway Of Tally > Create > Ledger 
Itech Education Under Sundry Creditor 

Step 5 Select Cheque For Issue Blank Cheque

Gateway Of Tally > Banking > Cheque Register 

Step 6 Select your Bank Ledger to issue Blank Cheque

Step 7 Select your Cheque Book for Blank Cheque

Step 8 Press Spacebar to Select a Cheque then press "ALT + S"


Step 9 As you press ALT + S then Select Blank Cheque

Select 10 Pass Purchase Voucher Narayan Pvt Ltd

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Payment

Cheque No And Details

After This You Can See Your Selected Cheque Is Blank Issued