Payment Voucher in TallyPrime | Purchase Cycle in TallyPrime

1. 50,00,000 Loan taken from SBI bank.
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2. 25,00,000 Loan taken from HDFC bank 
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What Is Payment Voucher ?

Payment Voucher Is Used To Account All The Payments Made By The Company By Way Of Cash/Bank. Payment Voucher Can Be Passed Using Single Entry Or Double Entry Mode.
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1. 5,48,296.00 Paid to Bala Ji Pvt Ltd Against Bill No PO001/Feb-23 by cash 

2.  10,91,232.00 Paid to Basant Mobile Communication against bill 3 by cash 

3. 26,36,926.00 Paid to Mehta Mobile Marketing against bill 4 by cash 

4.  Paid to Sangam Pvt Ltd against bill no 1 by cash 

Balance Sheet: