Types of Facebook Ads Campaign | Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook Ads Manager is the tool for Run Ads on Facebook, Instagram, messenger etc. You can use this tool to view, change, and analyze all components of your Facebook advertisement.

Facebook ads are paid posts that businesses use to promote their products or services on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger to the users / customer.

Facebook Marketers can choose between different Facebook ad types or ad formats to suit their campaign goals.

You can Design your Facebook ad in various formats, placements and objectives to achieve your marketing goals.

Choosing the right objective for your paid campaign is key to reaching goals on lowering costs.
There are 4 types of Facebook ads format.

1 Image Ads

2 Video Ads

3 Carousel Ads

4 Collection Ads

1. Image Ads: Image ads are basic Facebook ad format it’s an excellent format for those who are new in Facebook's ads manager. They businesses use single images / video to promote their companies’ products, services. Use your own images or create an ad with stock photos to promote your products / services.

2. Video Ads: it’s like image ads, video ads use a single video to showcase their products, services. Create a video and Show off your product, services feature, Keep the message short and clear, and don’t forgot to add subtitles in video to increase engagement of audience. Videos should be under 15 seconds.

3. Carousel Ads: 
You can use two to ten scrollable images or videos in single ads copy, your audience can interact with it because they can scroll up to ten images or videos at a time. Facebook Carousel Ads Can Display up to ten images or videos in a single ad, each image with its own link. Use Facebook carousel ads to show different images of the product or services that user can see and swipe.

4. Collection Ads: This is a new ad format which is like gold for e-commerce companies, its allowing you to showcase multiple products in one dynamic ads set. Encourage sale by displaying items from your product catalogue, you can customized for each individual.

Facebook Ad Campaign Objective

An Ad objectives help you to achieve the desired target you wish to gain from the campaign. Facebook Ads Manager provides different-different objectives for the funnel: Awareness, consideration, or conversions.

1. Awareness campaigns: Choose this objective when you want to generate knowledge & interest in your product or service to customer or prospects.

2. Consideration campaigns: Choose this objective when you want to allow people to engage with your products or brand, click on specific links for more information.

3. Conversion campaigns: Choose this goal when you want to prompt audiences towards a call-to-action, such as a click to purchase or sign up for a promotion.

The objectives which you can choose for different- different stages of the funnel:

1. Awareness Campaign 
Show your ads to Facebook user who are most likely to remember them
Good for:
Brand awareness
Video views
Store location awareness

Reach: Get the reach of maximum number of people by Show your ads.
Video views: Get your video ad seen by more people most likely to watch it.
Store / Local awareness: it’s Like brand awareness, but it’s for a particular geographic area.

2. Consideration Campaign 
Send people to a destination, such as your website, app or Facebook event.
Good for:
Link clicks
Landing page views
Messenger and WhatsApp

3. Conversion Campaign: Collect business leads and information from people who interested in your product or services (e.g., with a newsletter sign-up form).
Good for:
Instant Forms

Requirement for Create Your Ad copy

1. Media: Add your own created images or videos.
2. Primary text: Grab your audience’s attention and convince them why they need to click on your ad.
3. Headline: Depending on your selected ad format, your headline must have under 25 to 30-character only.
4. Description: Sometimes this will show, sometimes it won’t show.
5. Website URL: Copy and paste your website (Landing Page) URL here.
6. Display link: This is the dummy display link for ad placements with limited space.
7. Call-to-action: This button directs the audience to take a specific action. Make sure your CTA and destination match.

For example, don’t use the ‘Contact Me’ CTA if the link brings a user to an eBook download page.

Then Facebook will ensure it does not violate Facebook's Advertising Policies before going live. Ads are reviewed within 24 hours.

Basic Matrix Of Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook ads manager provides you campaign report to see and control the ROI of your particular campaign. Some important metrics more are:

1. Clicks: it’s a number of times users have clicked on your ad.
2. Impressions: The number of times your ad was shown front user.
3. Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who click on your ad and becoming a lead or making a purchase, download, visit site.