Facebook Marketing Fundamentals | Facebook Marketing Course

What is Facebook and Use in Business?

Facebook is an online social media Platform and social networking service owned by American company Meta.  Facebook is a way to connect with customers, follower, family and friends online.

2.70 billion monthly active users available on Facebook, some of your potential customers are definitely using the Facebook platform.

Millions of people use Facebook to communicate with businesses to clients. Create and Use your Facebook Page to build loyalty with existing and new customers. You can Advertise your company products and services using Facebook Page: Facebook Ads can help you to grow your branding and audience and also sales. You need a Facebook Page to advertise on Facebook.

What is Facebook Page?

Pages are special places on Facebook where artists, public figures, businesses, organizations and can connect with their fans or customers.

Facebook Pages are designed for businesses, services, organizations, and brands to promote their products and services. Facebook help to build brand awareness, and drive traffic to their website.

When someone likes or follows your Page on Facebook after it they can start seeing updates from your Page in their Feed. Facebook a way to reach out to a large audience on Facebook for grow your business. 

Facebook Page Role 

What is Facebook group?

Facebook Groups are a place on Facebook to communicate with certain people. You can create a Group and connect it to your Page to help build a community with your fans and supporters.

There are three types of Facebook groups: 1 public, 2 closed, and 3 secret. 

1 Public groups are basically general admission. Everyone can find and view the group without needing approval to join.

2 Closed Facebook groups are exclusive groups, that are visible to anyone and everyone in a search for view the name, description and member list of group. But users can't view the group's content until they become a member.

3. Private / Secret  Facebook groups that are hidden can only be found by current members and those who have been invited to the group already.

The main reason for selecting a private Facebook group is to make sure the outsiders won't have any access to the contents unless they become members of that particular private Facebook group.

Facebook Group Features 

What is difference between Facebook account and Facebook page?

A Facebook account is the basic profile of all Facebook users. A Facebook page is a special space on Facebook where businesses or public figure connect with their customers and followers. You must have a basic Facebook account to create a Facebook page or group.

What is difference between Facebook page and Facebook group?

Facebook pages and groups each have their own strengths; Facebook Pages are the business type of Facebook profile for companies, organizations and public figures. Page is visible to everyone on the Facebook and it’s a 1-way communication that allows to audience for interaction via comments.

A Facebook group can be both public and private as we discussed starting on the articles.

What is Facebook ads manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is a platform for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network.

Facebook Ads Manager is an all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing campaign when someone'll run Facebook ads. You can view, make changes and see results for all of your Meta campaigns using Facebook ads manager.