All Types Of Voucher in TallyPrime

Voucher is a document containing the details of financial transactions.

There are many types of vouchers in tallyprime to enter the business transactions like sales, payment, contra, purchase, Receipt, debit note, etc

Types Of Vouchers In TallyPrime Accounting 

1. Accounting Voucher - for accounting Entries

2. Inventory Voucher - for inventory entries

3. Payroll Voucher - for Employees category (attendance and salary )

1 Accounting Vouchers - for accounting Entries

 Vouchers in Tally is a document having all the details of a financial transaction and is required for recording in the books of accounts. It helps in easy recording and modifying of records.

Various types of vouchers in Tallyprime:

1. Sales Voucher

2. Purchase Voucher

3. Payment Voucher

4. Receipt Voucher

5. Contra Voucher

2. What is the use of inventory vouchers in TallyPrime?

Inventory refers to all the items, goods, and materials held by a business for selling in the market to earn a profit.

Inventory vouchers are used to enter any type of stock transaction receipt and issue of goods/stock (Movement of goods). Only entries can be made in accounting vouchers, but stock, group, purchase return, sales return, etc. can all be entered in inventory voucher.

Types of inventory voucher in tallyprime accounting

1. Purchase Order

2. Sales Order

3. Inward Rejection

4. Outward Rejection

5. Stock Journal

6. Delivery Note

7. Receipt Note

8. Physical Stoc

3. Payroll Voucher - for Employees category (attendance and salary )

In Tallyprime you can process salary for an employee using the payroll voucher. The salary is calculated based on the salary defined for the employee. Income tax on the salary is calculated based on the income tax slab and tax regime of the employee.

It includes collecting the list of employees to be paid, tracking the hours worked, calculating the employee's pay, distributing the salary on time, and recording the payroll expense