Sales Voucher in Tally Prime | Sales Invoice In TallyPrime

Sales vouchers In Tally Prime are used when the company sells some goods to customers. For example, the company sells some software on credit. 

Sales entries can be made in the Voucher as well as Invoice Formats. When a sales transaction is made, a document detailing the transaction (item name, tax, etc) has to be given to the buyer or debtor as proof of purchase by him. 

This document is called "Invoice" or "Bill" or "Cash Memo". 
The advantage of using the invoice format for sales entry is that it allows automatic calculations of duties and taxes (ledger accounts classified under the group 'Duties & Taxes').

Gateway Of Tally >> Vouchers

Select sales voucher by pressing 

Press CTRL + H for change the Voucher Mode 
sales voucher modes

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