How to Create Stock Unit in Tally Prime ?

Stock Items are mainly purchased and sold on the quantity basis.  Unit are the measurement unit of stock item.  Every Stock item measured by a unit. 

Create Stock Unit In TallyPrime

Step 1 Click on Gateway Of Tally 

Step 2 Click on Unit for create new Stock item unit 

Step 3 Stock Item unit Creation Pcs

Step 3.1 Stock Item unit Creation Litter

Step 3.2 Stock Item unit Creation Hrs

Step 3.2 Stock Item unit Creation Dzn

Assignment No 01 

Create Following Stock Item Unit 

1. KG

2. Kilo Meter 

3. Foot 

4. Inch 

5. Second 

What is Compound Unit In TallyPrime 

 A Compound unit is a combination of two simple units. for example Dozen = 12 Pcs. Compound Units are a measurement units that require two different types of unit.  By default in TallyPrime show the Simple unit for creating the unit to measure the value. 

How to Create Compound Unit In TallyPrime 

first of all we required two simple unit to create a compound unit in tallyprime so first  create two simple unit here I am created Cartoon and second one is Box. for example 1000 gram equal to 1 kilogram  

Step 1 Click on Gateway Of Tally 

Step 2 Click on Unit for create new Stock item unit 

First Unit Simple Unit Creation Cartoon 

Second Unit Simple Unit Creation Box

Compound Unit Creation 1 Cartoon equal to 10 Box 

Example 2 Compound Unit Creation 1Dzn equal to 12 Pcs