How to Create Stock Category in TallyPrime?

What is stock Category example?

Stock categories is the categorization of the stock items of similar features belonging to different stock groups. Eg: If the company is dealing with Smartphones. The company's inventory might consist of Smartphones of different brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo etc.

Step 1 Click on Create 
Step 2 Click on Stock Category 

Create following stock category 
1. Microsoft                       - Under Primary 
2. Oracle                             - Under Primary 
3. Intel Corporation        - Under Primary 

Step 3 Stock Category Creation Microsoft 

Step 3.1
  Stock Category Creation Oracle

Step 3.2  Stock Category Creation Intel Corporation 

Assignment No 01 

Create Following Stock category In Taly
1. HP                     - Under Primary 
2. Lenovo              - Under Primary
3. Dell                   - Under Primary
4. Asus                  - Under Primary
5. Oppo                 - Under Primary
6. Lenovo              - Under Primary
7. Samsung           - Under Primary
8. Redmi                - Under Primary