Accounting Journal Entries Example

The Golden Rules of Accounting are basic principles that form the foundation of the accounting process. These rules guide accountants in recording financial transactions accurately and consistently. The three golden rules of accounting are:

Rules of Accounting

Journal Entries In Tally Prime 

1. Mr. Sachin started Business with Cash of Rs. 1,00,000.

2. Mr. Sachin opened a new Bank Account in HDFC Bank & Deposited Rs. 50,000.

3. Mr. Sachin Purchased Computer of Rs. 20,000 by Cash.

4. Purchased Goods of Rs. 15000 by Cash.

5. Sold goods of Rs. 10,000 on Cash.

6. Sold goods of Rs. 6000 on Cash.

7. Mr. Sachin purchase Furniture of Rs. 10,000 by cheque.

8. Purchase goods of Rs. 12000 from Krishna on Credit.

9. Sold goods to Sanjay of Rs. 15,000 On Credit.

10. Paid Petrol Expenses of Rs. 500 by Cash.

11. Paid Telephone Expenses of Rs. 1200 by Cash.

Assignment No 01 

12. Received Cash from Sanjay of Rs. 10000.
13. Withdraw Cash from HDFC Bank of Rs. 15000.
14. Paid Rent Expenses of Rs. 3000 by Cash.
15. Purchase goods of Rs. 10,000 by Cash. Sold goods of Rs.15000 on Cash.
16. Paid Cash to Krishna of Rs. 7000.
17. Received Commission of Rs. 5000 by Cash.
18. Paid petrol Expenses of Rs. 300 by Cash.
19. Loan taken(Receipt) from Bhushan of Rs. 20,000 in cash.
20. Sold goods to Jayesh Agencies of Rs. 17000 on credit.
21. Received cheque from Sanjay of Rs. 2000.
22. Deposited Cash in HDFC Bank of Rs. 10,000.
23. Paid Office Expenses of Rs. 500 by Cash.
24. Paid Electricity Expenses by cheque of Rs. 1000.
25. Cheque of Rs. 1500 transfered from HDFC Bank to ICICI Bank .
26. Purchased AC from Mahavir Enterprises of Rs. 10,000 on Credit . 28I Purchased goods of Rs. 3000 by Cash.
27. Received Cash From Jayesh Agencies of Rs. 1500 .
28. Paid Octroi Expenses of Rs. 400 Cash.