Nested If Function In Excel | Advance Excel Formula

There is no spacefic function called Nested If function in MS Excel, but whenever we use multiple IF function together within IF in MS-Excel, it is called Nested If function.

We use Nested If function in Excel when we need to apply more than one condition to analyze the data of excel, and whatever condition is true in these multiple conditions, we would have returned the required result. Is Nested If function.

Syntax =IF(logical_test,result,IF(logical_test,result,IF(logical_test,result)))

Example: For example, we have taken a data here where some conditions have been given. Based on these conditions, we have to issue bonus to all the employees.

Nested If Function In Excel

Formula =IF(C3>D3,"8%",IF(C3=D3,"3%",IF(C3<D3,"No Incentive")))