Min Function In Excel | Download Practice Sheet

When we type many values ​​on the sheet of MS EXCEL and there are small and big values ​​in it, then we have to extract the smallest value from all these values, then in this case you can use the Min formula. 

Using the MIN formula, you can easily extract the smallest value / number / number out of thousands and millions of values ​​typed in the sheet of MS EXCEL.

STEP 1 - First of all, open that MS EXCEL sheet in your computer, inside which you have to extract the smallest value out of all the values.

STEP 2 - After opening the sheet of MS Excel, you select a cell with your mouse inside the sheet and then apply the formula of Min.

First put the sign of = and then type Min (after that select the area / cells in the table from which the smallest value is to be extracted and then press the enter button). As shown in the image below.

Example =MIN(A2:A8) and then press the enter button of the keyboard.

As soon as you press the enter button, the smallest value will appear in front of you inside the use cell where the formula will be applied.

#2 Method Min Function

We can also use the Min function in such a way as can be seen in the image below.
Example: =MIN(24,76,90,76,54)

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