Mid Function In Excel | Data Splitting In Excel

MID Function in Excel is such a function, which is used to split the characters from the text value of cells according to our requirement and extract them into another cell. And this MID Function is placed in the category of “Text Functions” in Excel. MID Function is an In build Function in Excel.

MID Function splits the data from the middle of the character. If you want to remove any character from left or right from a cell in Excel, then you should use LEFT Function, right function.


=MID (text, start_num, num_chars)

Text: In MID Function, you have to select the TEXT/STRING or Cell from which you want to extract some character.

start_num: This means that you have to give the starting index / position number of any character you want from the data?

num_chars: Here you have to write the number of characters you want from the selected data.

As you can see in the image below that we have a data in which city names are given in Column A and their pin code numbers are also given.

Now we have to separate the pin code from that data. And here we will use MID Function.

Example : =MID(A2,9,7)

Here A2 is the address of a cell in which text data is stored and we have to split from it, 9 is the starting position from where to start text splitting, and 7 is in the last It means that this mid function will display up to 7 characters from the selected cell, in the same way the rest will also be removed.