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What is Logical Function In Excel? 

In the logical function, the user applies logic according to his requirement and on the basis of this logic, the value is extracted from the data by doing further calculations. This logic created by the user decides which value should be there in that data and which value should not be there.

1) IF Function, 

2) AND Function, 

3) OR Function 

4) NOT Function

Logical (Bitwise) Operator In Excel 

1 IF Function In Excel 

If is a Logical Function in Microsoft Excel and IF Function is most commonly used to extract the condition. Two things are available in this function, whether the condition is true or false, when the condition is true then what output is required and if the condition is false then what output is required, it is also defined by the user while applying the if function.

Syntax IF Function :-

=IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false) 


logical_test- Here we put the condition by which we have to check the value.

value_if_true - Here we give the task, if the condition is true then which task should be performed, we define it here

value_if_false- Here we give the condition that if the value is false in the cell then which task should be performed.

2 - AND Function In Excel 

We use AND Function when we need to apply more than one condition at the same time. AND Function returns the result in True or False.

If all the conditions given in this function prove to be true then it will show us True as the result and if any one condition is false then it will show False as the result.

Syntax: -


Arguments: -

logical1: - In this we give the first condition by which we have to test the value.

logical2: - In this we give the second condition by which we have to test the value.

3- OR Function In Excel 

Or Function is also used for more than one condition. Like AND Function, more than one condition is also used in OR function, but it is necessary for all conditions to be true in AND Function, if true return is required then only it returns True to us.

But if any one condition out of all the condition given in OR function is True then it gives us True result.




logic1 - to test the first condition value.

logic2 - to test the second condition value.

4- NOT Function In Excel 

Not Function's name suggests that NOT function. Converts true to false and false to true.

It means that when the condition is true then it returns false result and when the condition is false it returns true result.




logical- In this argument we define the logic to check the value.