IF ERROR Function In Excel In Hindi

IF ERROR Function In Excel In Hindi, Microsoft - IF ERROR in Excel is a pre-defined functions IF ERROR Function is placed under the category of logical function in Excel.

IF ERROR FUNCTION is used to display the correct result or message in response to the error of a FUNCTION.

IF ERROR Function in Excel is used to hide errors. Whenever we use any function in excel and if there is some mistake in it. So due to these mistakes errors start appearing in the result.

Some errors can be corrected in MS Excel by using If Errors, so in this case you can use IF ERROR Function to hide your Errors. 


=IFERROR(value, value_if_error)


value- In this argument we give formula or reference which is checked by if error function whether there is any error in it or not.

value_if_error - If there is an error in the value or formula, the result you want to be displayed in the cell is defined here.

Types Of Error In Excel In Hind

1. #NULL! error

This error is due to difficulty in the argument partitioning of the function, Excel returns the #NULL! The error appears. Like: SUM (A1:B5 C1:D5) etc.

 2. #DIV/0! error

In this error, the function of the cell is being divided by the value 0 present in an empty cell or cell, due to which the error is seen in it.

3. #VALUE! error

The reason for getting such error is that both text and number are being equaled, then such error occurs like : =A +15 etc.

4. #REF! error

In this way ( #REF! ) the main reason for the error is the absence of the address of the function in the cell, that is, the cell mentioned in the function is deleted like : =SUM(A1,B2) If you delete the cell, the function #REF! will give an error of

5. #NAME? error

This (#NAME?) error means the invoked function name is incorrect. Or you are adding direct text and numbers like: =VLOOKU(A1,B1,2,0) , = 15+A etc.

6. #NUM! error

The reason for such error occurs when a value is not eligible to be calculated, then the function gives us the #NUM! provides. Ex: =SQRT(-16) Ans.: #NUM!

7. #N/A error

This type of error comes when there is a miss match in the function, then Excel provides this type of error. Which can be used to hide the error using If error Function in Excel.