Count Function In Excel | Advance Excel Formula

What Is Count Function In Hindi?

Count means to count or calculate. In the same way, count function is used in excel when we have to do counting from any Cells or Range and that too number type cells use Count function.

Usually Count function Cells or Range which contain numbers. Counting the same cells gives the result, meaning the count function counts only those cells in which number type data is stored.

The count function only considers number type cells for counting.

Negative values, Percentages, Dates, Fractions, And Time considers all these numbers count function to count or calculate. But it ignores Empty cells and text values ​​and does not count them.

Step 1: First of all, open the excel file in your computer in which you want to use the count function.

Step 2: After opening, you have to select a cell in which cell we will apply the formula of count, as seen in the image below, it is highlighted with yellow color.

Step 3: After selecting the cell, then apply the count formula, as shown in the image below.

Example =COUNT(B2:F2)

In this method, we have given the reference inside the formula which is from B2 to F2, then here the count function will count the number type cells from the given reference and will return the same. In the same way, we will apply the formula inside the rest of the cells as well.

#2 Method Count Function In Hindi

In this method, we have not given the reference of any cells inside the formula, instead we have typed direct numbers in the formula itself as you can see in the image below.

Note: For once if we use count function with text value then see what result comes

If you see here, the count function has ignored the text value, that means it has not been counted, this is the reason that even after having the same reference, the result has changed this time.

And here, if you remove the text value of a cell and store the number value in its place, then let's see what happens and what the count function returns.

So here we will see that the reference which has two text values ​​has result 3, and the reference which has one text value has result 4 and the reference which does not have text value has result 5.