Excel Exercise No 1 Create Report Card Of Student In MS Excel


Progress  Report  Card

1. Create the following table of PROGRESS REPORT CARD.

2. Calculate the total marks of all subjects

3.Find the Average of All Subjects.

4. Calculate the Highest  & Lowest marks of all subject's (Using formula MAX and MIN)

"5. Make a result(PASS/FAIL) on condition like 35 marks in all subjects out of 100.

(Using formula  IF and AND condition)."

"6. Give grade if Average more than 70 ""A"" and more then 65 ""B"" or above 45 ""C"" and finally 35 then D or

otherwise fail."

"7. Merge the column A1 : J1 record's and give heading STUDENTS PROGRESS REPORT CARD, make a Attractive

format to table."

8. Rename the sheet to Students Report Card.

9. Create Folder in "(Local Disk( D:) : Drive of Your Name".

10. Save this file with name is " Assignment 1 _Report Card".

11. Make password protection for Sheet1 with name of (ICIT@123).