Stock Journal Transfer Stock Item One Godown to Another Godown

Stock Journal: A stock journal is used to transfer stock materials or stock item from one location to another location. For example, the company transfers items of stock from the warehouse to the shop.

Stocks could even simply be shown as consumed. Or even only produced, consumption and production. Hence, it is not like other journal where debits and credits must match.

Step 1 Create Following Godown 
1. Borivali Under Primary
2. Andheri Under Primary

Gateway of Tally >> Create >> Location / Godown 

Step 2 Alter "Stock Journal" Voucher
Gateway of tally >> Alter >> Voucher Type >> Stock Journal 
Create a Class  (Transfer), Enter Class Name And press Enter 

Step 3  As you press Enter once you will see like this 

Following item transferred into Boriwali  from main location 

Step 4 Now Pass "Stock Journal" Voucher 
Gateway of Tally >> Vouchers >> Other Vouchers >> Stock Journal 

Stock Journal Voucher 
Transferred into Borivali  from main location 

Assignment No 01 
Following item transferred into Andheri from main location 

Assignment No 02 
Following item transferred into Borivali from main location 

Assignment No 03 
Following item transferred into Marin Line from main location 

Assignment No 04 
Following item transferred into Dadar from main location