Stock Journal Transfer Stock Item One Godown to Another Godown

Stock Journal: For recording stock transfers from one location to another. For example, the company transfers items of stock from the warehouse to the shop.

A stock journal is used to transfer materials or stock from one location to another location. Stocks could even simply be shown as consumed. Or even only produced without both consumption and production. Hence, it is not like other journal where debits and credits must match.

Activate the option from F11 feature under Inventory Features.

Credit two Godowns with name Borivali and Andheri.

Stock Journal and Physical Journal






10 Large Bags shifted to Andheri from Borivali.




50 Books of 400 Pages shifted Andheri from Borivali.




At the end of the year it was found that 200 Pages NoteBooks were 200 units and Large School Bags were 20n units only.


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