Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

 Introduction – What is Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Tutorial: List of Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Tutorial: 1. Paid Marketing (SEM)

❖ How does PPC advertising work?
❖ Different Types of Campaigns
❖ Ad Writing Techniques
❖ Bid Management Plan
❖ Landing Page Optimization

Digital Marketing Tutorial: 2. SEO

❖ How do Search Engines work?
❖ Role of Keywords
❖ On-page Best Practices
❖ Technical SEO
❖ SEO Strategies
❖ Link Building
❖ Web Analytics

Digital Marketing Tutorial: 3. Content Marketing

❖ What is Content Marketing?
❖ Why is content marketing important for business?
❖ Types of content
❖ Content Marketing Strategy
❖ Content mapping based on the customer journey

Digital Marketing Tutorial: 4. Social Media Marketing

❖ Facebook Marketing
❖ Twitter Marketing
❖ LinkedIn Marketing
❖ Video Promotion via YouTube

Digital Marketing Tutorial: 5. Affiliate Marketing

❖ What is affiliate marketing?
❖ How does affiliate marketing work?
❖ Reasons to become an affiliate marketer
❖ How to become a successful affiliate marketer?
❖ Types of affiliate marketing channels
❖ Affiliate marketing strategies of 2022

Digital Marketing Tutorial: 6. Email Marketing

❖ What is email marketing?
❖ Benefits of email marketing
❖ How to do email marketing?
❖ How to increase your user base?
❖ Ways To Improve Open Rate & CTR

Digital Marketing Tutorial: 7. Mobile App Marketing

❖ What is mobile app marketing?
❖ Importance of mobile app marketing
❖ Mobile app marketing vs. Mobile marketing
❖ List of mobile app metrics
❖ Mobile app marketing strategies

Digital Marketing Tutorial: Build Digital Marketing Strategy

Design Customer Personas
Outline your marketing goals and the tools you will need to accomplish them
Analyze the existing digital marketing channels and assets
Analyze and plan your earned media strategy
Analyze and plan your owned media strategy
Analyze and plan your paid media strategy

Digital Marketing Tutorial: Role of a Digital Marketer

SEO Manager
PPC Manager
Content Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager
Affiliate Marketing Manager