Sum Formula in EXCEL In Excel | Advance Excel

In this post, we will learn how to use the sum formula of excel, and what does the sum formula return to us? In this post, you have been told 3 ways to using which you can calculate total or sum in MS Excel.

As the word Sum itself means to add means to add more than one number. In exactly the same way, Sum Formula is also used in Excel to add two or more numbers.

We use the formula of Sum when we have to add numeric type data.

Note: To apply any formula in MS EXCEL, we have to start with Equals = sign only and it is mandatory.

Syntax : =Sum(Number 1, Number 2, . . . . )

Sum Using Number: 

If you want to calculate the total using direct numbers, then for that you click with your mouse in the formula bar and write your numbers like this (4,5,6). You have to put a work (,) after typing each of your numbers. As shown in the image below.

Example =sum(4,5,6)

2 Sum Using Cell Reference:

If you want to calculate sum using Cell Reference, you can also do that, which cell will refer to the formula and return the sum formula after extracting the total of the number stored inside it. Example =sum(F4,F5,F6)

3 Sum Using Cell Range: =sum(A1:A10)

You can also use Cell Range inside the sum formula to extract the total of the range stored number in it.

Step 1 - First of all, open the sheet of MS Excel in your computer or laptop, inside which you have to use "Sum Formula".

Step 2 - After opening the sheet of Ms Excel, you have to activate a cell inside that sheet with the mouse of your computer or laptop where you have to apply the sum formula.

Step 3 - After this you type the formula like =sum(A1:A10) and then press the enter button of the keyboard. By doing this, it will return you by adding all the numbers between cells a1 to a10.

Step 4 - As soon as you press the enter button of the keyboard, the total of your calculation based on the formula will appear in front of you inside that cell.

#2Method AUTOSUM In Excel ALT + =

In this method, we will learn how to find the sum or total using the shortcut key, the keyboard is even easier, you just have to press the ALT + = key together from your keyboard, and as soon as you press it, The formula of sum will be automatically applied in that cell which will be kept active. As can be seen in the image below.