How to Cancel cheque in tally prime

In this post you will learn about how to How Record Cancel Cheque Details In Tally Prime. You have required a company in tally prime after this you have to create a banks account ledger like SBI, HDFC.

Step 1 Create A Bank account ledger SBI Bank 

Bank Details 
Ledger Name: SBI Bank
Under: Bank Accounts
A/c No: 35354646477
IFSC Code: SBINO985375

Step 2  Set / Alter range for cheque Books. Yes  

You Will See Like This Here You Have To Fill Your Cheque Book Range And Few Details.

Cheque Book range: 150201 to 150300
No Of Cheque:  100
Name of Cheque: 1 Cheque Book

Step 3 Select Cheque Register For Record Cancel Cheque 

Gateway of Tally > Banking > Cheque Register 

Step 4 Select Bank Account 

Step 5 Select Cheque Book 

Step 6  Select Cheque No Press Space For Select Cheque 

Press Space Key For Select Cheque , After Select Cheque Background Color Change Automatically. 

Step 7 Press ALT + S , Then You Have To Select Cancel Cheque

Step 8 Fill Cancelation Details 

After This You Will See You Select Cheque Is Cancelled 

To cancel a cheque in TallyPrime, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to the 'Payment Voucher' or 'Receipt Voucher' option in the Accounting Voucher menu.
2. Select the voucher in which the cheque was issued.
3. Press the 'Ctrl + X' key or click on the 'Cancel Voucher' button.
4. TallyPrime will ask for confirmation to cancel the voucher. Press 'Y' or click on 'Yes' to confirm.
5. TallyPrime will cancel the voucher, and the corresponding cheque will also be cancelled.
Note: If the cheque has already been presented to the bank, you cannot cancel it in TallyPrime. In such a case, you should contact your bank and follow their process to cancel the cheque.