How Record Bank Cheque Book Details In Tally Prime | Blank Cheque, Cancel Cheque

In this post you will learn about how to maintain bank cheque book record in tally prime such as cheque printing, cheque cancel , blank cheque. You have required a company in tally prime after this you have to create a banks account ledger like SBI, HDFC.

Step 1 Create A Bank account ledger SBI Bank With 100000 Cash

Note Set / Alter range for cheque Books. Yes 
Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Ledger 

 As You Pressed Set / Alter range for cheque Books. Yes , You Will See Like This Here You Have To Fill Your Cheque Book Range And Few Details. 

  1. Cheque Book Range : 180301 To 180400 
  2. Cheque No : 100 Auto Calculate By Tally Prime 
  3. Name Of Cheque Book : CHQST1

Set Alter Cheque Book Configuration Yes Then You Will See Like This , Here You Can Press Copy From Which Is Display Right Side Of Image Highlighted By Red Color Box.

 After This Appear A New Window Like This Image : Tap On Sample Format 

After This Cheque Book Configuration Auto Filled By Tally 

Now You Can Press CTRL + A For Quick Creation After This Appear A New Window Here Tap On Preview 

After This You Will See Your Cheque Book  Sample 

Now Save Bank Ledger 

 Step 2 Create Sundry Creditor Ledger Narayan Pvt Ltd 

 Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Ledger 

 Step 3 Create Sundry Creditor Ledger Bala Ji Traders 

Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Ledger 

 Step 4 Create Purchase Account Ledger Purchase A/c  

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Purchase 

 Step 5 Create Stock Group Creation Hardware

Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Stock Group Group 

  Step 6 Create Stock Unit Nos - Number 

Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Unit 

 Step 7 Create Stock Item Keyboard  

Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Stock Item Creation 

Step 8 Pass Purchase Voucher 

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Purchase 
Stock Item 100 
Rate        300/

 Step 9 Pass Purchase Voucher  

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Purchase 

Step 10 Pass Payment Voucher 

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Payment 

Set Against 

Press CTRL + A 


Step 11 Pass Payment Voucher 

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Payment 

Set Against 



Step 12 Select Cheque Register 

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Purchase >> Press CTRL + G 

You Can Find Tap On Show More  And Select Cheque Register 

Select Bank Account 

Select Cheque Book 

Here You Can See Two Cheque Used Which Is Used Before 

Step 13  Pass Purchase Voucher Narayan Pvt Ltd 

Press Space Key For Select Cheque , After Select Cheque Background Change Automatically. 
After This Press ALT + S 

As You Press ALT + S And Select Cancel Cheque 

Fill Cancelation Details 

After This You Will See You Select Cheque Is Cancelled 

Step 14 How To Pass Blank Cheque In Tally Prime 

Gateway Of Tally >> Alter >> Purchase  Type 

Alter Payment Voucher 

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Purchase  >> Payment 

Allow zero - valued transactions - Yes 

Step 15 Select Cheque For Issue Blank Cheque 

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Payment>> CTRL + G >> Select Cheque Register 

Select You Cheque No For Issue Blank 

For Select Press Space Key >> ALT + S 

Select Blank Cheque 

Select 16 Pass Purchase Voucher Narayan Pvt Ltd 

Gateway Of Tally >> Voucher >> Payment 

Cheque No And Details 


After This You Can See Your Selected Cheque Is Blank Issued 

Here You Can See Your All Cheque Details Such As Available Cheque, Blank Cheque, Cancel Cheque Details.  

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