Zero Value Entry In Tally Prime | Zero Value Transaction

Zero value transaction is used when you want to pass the entry without any amount, for example free samples Distributed, there is no value of goods to be received.  

You Have To Make Some Changes In You Payment Voucher For Pass Zero value transaction. 

Step 1 Enable Zero Valued Transaction  

Gateway Of Tally  >>  Alter >> Voucher Type >> Payment

Step 2 Choose Payment Voucher 

Gateway Of Tally  >>  Alter >> Voucher Type >> Payment

Press Enter 

Here You Have To Allow  Zero Valued Transaction    =  Yes 

Step 3 Create Sundry Creditor Ledger 

Now You Have To A Ledger For Make Payment Vouchers With Zero Amount.

Step 4 Pass Payment Voucher 

Here You Can See, Here Passed A Payment Voucher With Zero Amount. 

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