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Manufacturing Voucher In Tally Prime

Step 1 Create A Ledger Under Sundry Creditors For Purchase Product
Step 2 Create A Purchase A/c Ledger Under Purchase Accounts
Step 3 Create Two Stock Item Unit Gb

Step 3.1 Create Two Stock Item Unit Nos

Step 4 Now Create Following Item Under Raw Material

Step 4.1 Stock Item Creation Mother Board 
Step 4.2 Stock Item Creation Hard Disk

Step 4.3 Stock Item Creation Sata Cable 
Step 4.4 Stock Item Creation Ram Memory

Step 5 Now Pass Purchase Voucher For Purchase Stock Item 
Step 6 Now  Create A Voucher
Gate Way Of Tally  >> Create    >>Voucher Type 
Step 7 Create Stock Item Computer Assemble

If You Not Found Set Components Then Press F12 and enable it

7.1 BOM List Computer 

7.2 Now Set Radio Of Raw Material For Manufacturing Production

Step 8
Now Pass Stock Journal Voucher Press ALT + F7 and click on Manufacturing

Step 9 Fill Name of Product and Quantity of Product, further details will automatically failed by tallyprime  

Step 10 now you can sale product. 

Note : if you have spend extra expenses after the raw material  like wages , transport , light bill,  etc. 
then you can create extra expenses ledger and include this manufacturing voucher. 

Step 11 Create two expense ledger 
1 Delivery Charge

 2 Assemble Charge 
Look in this image as shown below.