How To Use Multi Currency in Tally Prime

Multi-currency entries are mainly use in those companies which deal with the Companies which are located in different- different countries. Multi – currency is used in foreign Exchange transactions.

Step 2 Create Currency At least Two Currency Must Here (INR / US Doller)

Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Currency  

2.1 Now Create Your Currency ($ Us Doller)

2.2 Fill Currency Details

Now You Have Required To Set Rate Of Currency Exchange

Step 3 Create  Rate Of Currency Exchange

3.1 Fill Details Of Rate Exchange

Step 4 Create Ledgers For Purchase Item In Multi Currency

Step 4.1 Create A Ledger Of Creditor Party “ Ashok Pvt Ltd “

4.2 Create A Purchase Ledger 

Step 5 Stock Item Group Create (Lenevo Phones

Step 6 Create Unit Of Items

Step 7 Create Item List

Step 8 Go to Voucher And Take Purchase Voucher

Note Here Rate Amount Must Be In That Form Which Currency Created By You - For Example $300

After It You Can See Doller Amount Automatic Convert Into Indian Currency Rupay