How To Use Actual And Billed Qty In Purchase Invoice - Tally Prime ?

In this tutorial you will learn a new feature of tally prime which is actual and billed deference.

First of all you have required to create a company and after this enable this feature.

Step 1 : Company Create 

Step 2 : Enable Actual And Billed Column In Tally Prime.  Press F11 Key 

After Create A Company You Have To "Enable Suppurate Quantity And Actual Quantity" Feature From Tally Prime. Press F11 Key From Your Computer For Enable It.

Step 3 : Create  Ledgers For Purchase With Actual And Billed Qty 

Now You Have Required To Ledger For Purchase Or Sales Products With Actual QTY And Billed QTY, So Here Two Ledger Created First For A Creditor Party Ledger And Second Is Purchase Ledger. 

3.1 Creditor Party Ledger Creation (Soham Pvt Ltd)

3.2 Purchase Ledger Creation (Purchase A/c )

Step 4 Stock Item Group Create (Lenevo Phones

Step 5 Create Unit Of Items 

Step 6 Create Item List

Step 7 Go to Voucher And Pass Purchase Entry 

Here you can see two column in quantity first of Actual and second will billed. So here you need to fill total purchase in actual column and in billed column fill paid quantity which quantity's amount paid.

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