How to create budget in tally prime ? Tally Prime

A budget is a plan to prepared for the flow of funds / money in an organization. 
It contains financial guidelines for the future plan of action for a selected period of time.  
Multiple budgets can be created for specific purposes in Tally Prime, Such as Marketing Budgets, Finance Budgets, and so on, can also be created.

How to activate Budget and control in tally prime

To activate the Budgets feature in Tally, Select F11: Features.
In the Company Operations Creation/Alteration screen, set Maintain Budgets and Controls? to Yes. Accept to save.

Step 2 Create Ledger (Expense) 

Note : Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Ledger

2.1 Advertisement Ledger Creation

2.1 Stationary Ledger Creation

Step 3 Create Budget 

Note Gateway Of Tally >> Create >> Budget 
If You Didn’t Find Budget Then Click On Show More Option And Search Budget After This You Will See Like This.

3.1 Budget Creation

As You Tap Yes On Ledgers Then You Have To Create Budget Amount Of Particular Ledger .

3.1 Budget Amount Providing 

Here Created  Yearly Budget For  Advertisement Expense And Stationary Items Expense.  Now We Have Required To Pass Payment Entry.
After Create Budget You Will See This Budget And Actual Expense Like This  : 

Now Pass Expense Voucher (Payment Voucher)

Step 4 : Pass Payment Voucher As Your Expense 

Now Pass You Entry Which Amount Paid By Your Company.
Here Passed Two Entry For Expense Which Amount Paid By Cash To Advertisement Agency And Other Stationary Shop. 

4.1 Advertisement Expense 

4.2 Stationary Expense 

Step 5 : How To See Budget And Actual Expense 

After Pass Expenses Vouchers,  If You Want To See Deference Between Budget  And Actual Expense Which Amount Paid. 

Note : Gateway Of Tally >> Profit & Loss A/c

Here Click On Indirect expense 

Now Press F10 key after this choose Your budget

As You Press F10 Key Then You Will See Like This

Here You Required To Click On Created Budget (Office Budget)

After This You Will See Like This :