Create Ledger Groups In Tally Prime | Tally Prime Course

Creating ledger groups in TallyPrime is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to create a ledger group:

1. Open TallyPrime and go to the Gateway of Tally.
2. Click on the "Create" option in the Gateway of Tally.
3. Click on the "Group" option.
4. Create a new ledger group.
5. In the "Name" field, enter a name for the ledger group you want to create (e.g., "Sales Ledger Group").
6. In the "Under" field, select the group that this ledger group should be created under. You can choose from pre-defined groups such as "Current Assets," "Current Liabilities," "Expenses," "Income," etc.

7. Press Enter to save the ledger group.
8. Repeat the process to create additional ledger groups as needed.

Create Following Ledger 

Gateway of Tally > Create > Group 

Step 1 Click on Create on Gateway of Tally

Step 2 Click on Group 

Step 3 Fill Group Details 

1. Group Name:  Building 
Under:              Fix Assets 

2. Group Name:  Building 
Under:              Primary
Nature of Group:  Assets