how to create company in tally prime step by step guide

Step1 Click on Create 

Gateway of Tally > Create

Step 2 Click on Change Company

Gateway of Tally > Create > Change Company

Step3 Click on Create Company

Gateway of Tally > Create > Change Company

Step 4 Fill Company Details 

4. After This, here you can setup features of tally prime according your company business and maintain their record in tally prime.

here i have enabled
Maintain Accounts : Yes
Enable Bill Wise Entry : Yes
Maintain Inventory : Yes
Integrate Accounts With Inventory : yes

Company Successfully Created 

After it here you can press CTRL + A for quick creation or press enter, now your company will be create successfully in tally prime.
after this you will see like this and this main page of tally prime and in tally called gate way of tally to this screen. Now You Can Pass Your All Entries