Android History And Android Version

History  Versions of Android

Android is a Linux Based Operating System by GOOGLE which provides a rich application Framework and helps in developing interactive applications. The OS first OS version was introduced in 2007 with many of its versions named in Alphabetical order ranging from A-N and upcoming is O.



Android Version 1 Alpha – In this( Android 1.0) was the first versions of Android operating System by Google. It has basic functionality with a simple browser and other Google apps like Gmail, Maps and YouTube.

Android Version 2 Beta – Later on with Android 1.1 few more functionality added, the API changes from Level 1 in Android 1.0 to Level 2. It supports attachment with MMS.

Android Version 3 Cupcake – Cupcake was Android second version with new features as well as the Android framework API updated. It was Android 1.5 with on Screen Keyboard , Bluetooth and Updated UI for applications.

Android Version 4 Donut – It was Android 1.6 nicknamed as DONUT. It added support for CDMA , additional screen sizes, talk to speech engine and battery indicator.

Android Version 5 Eclair – Android 2.0-2.1 as like other versions this also come up with a nickname as ECLAIR and lot more functions & features. It come up with Bluetooth 2.1 , live wallpaper, HTML 5 support, ability to search sms & mms, flash support, digital zoom and more camera features.

Android Version 6 Froyo – Android version 2.2-2.2.3 introduced with USB tethering & WiFi hotspot functionality and apps can now be installed on memory card. Support Adobe flash, increased speed and performance of applications with new feature.

Android Version 7 Gingerbread – Gingerbread (Android 2.3-2.3.7) introduced with updated User Interface which provide more ease to use. Features are like sensors, multiple cameras(Front & back), virtual keyboard, better text suggestion, voice input capability and press hold copy paste capability.

Android Version 8 Honeycomb – This Android platform Honeycomb was designed for large screens like tablets so interface elements like virtual keyboard optimized for bigger screen. Home screen is optimized, tabs are introduced in browser with additional incognito mode and video chat & Gtalk is supported.

Android Version 9 Ice Cream Sandwich –Ice Cream sandwich come in 2011 bringing all new look. It gives more ease to user like user can quickly swipe to close the apps, new gallery layout and built in photo editor.

Android Version 10 Jelly Bean – Google made Operating System more responsive with Jelly Bean and introduces file sharing with Android Beam. Restricted profile, Dial Pad complete, supported other languages like Hindi, changed camera UI.

Android Version 12 Android Version 11 KitKat – KitKat come up in 2013 with API Level 19. It has wireless printing capability, new dialler id, chrome WebView and screen recording.

Android Version 13 Lollipop – Android version 5.0-5.1.1 come up with improved RAM and battery management. Further restyling through Material design, no interrupts feature, unlock phone through Bluetooth trusted devices, print previews and smart lock feature.

Android Version 14 Marshmallow – Marshmallow was released in year 2015, come up with smarter battery and doze mode (it prevents certain task from running if the phone being setting idle), Now On Tap, better privacy settings, easier to upgrade phone, Fingerprint sensor and built in visual voice mail.

Android Version 15 Nougat – Android Nougat was made official in 2016 with updated emoji, 72 newly added, multi window view (switch between apps with double tap), smarter battery with data saver mode, more secured and high quality virtual reality with new dimensions.

Android Version 16 Oreo – It is the 15th version of the Android mobile operating system released to the public on August 21, 2017. It contains a number of major features, including notification grouping, picture-in-picture support for video, performance improvements, and battery usage optimization etc.

Android Version 17 Pie – Android pie is the 16th version of the Android mobile operating system released publicly on August 6, 2018 with updated features, New Gesture Navigation, Adaptive Battery and Brightness, App Actions, Slices, New Accessibility Menu and Improved Security Features

Android Version 18 Android 10 – The stable version of Android 10 was released on September 3, 2019 come with Gesture navigation, Live Caption, Smart Reply, Sound Amplifier, Privacy controls., Location controls and Security updates

Android Version 19 Android 11 – Android 11 was first announced by Google on February 19, 2020, and the first developer preview released on the same day comes with Dynamic media controls, built-in screen recorder, Chat bubbles, Screen recorder, Notification history, One-time permission, Permissions auto-reset etc.

Android Version 20 Android 12 – It was announced and released by Google on February 18, 2021 with features Easier Wi-Fi sharing and AVIF image support.