How to remove footer credit in blogger template step by step

  In this post we will learn about how to remove footer credit from any blogger theme.

step 1 login your blogger account 

step 2 click on theme

step 3 take backup of your theme

step 4 click on edit html after backup taken 

step 5 search which show your blogger template credit footer text copy from there 

step 6 search copied text in your template 

step 7 download / copy code which bellow

step 8 paste in before credit text   

step 9 paste </div> after 3 to 6 line where show 4 to 6 </dive> already

step 10 save theme

<p style='text-align:left;'>Copyright (c) 2020 <a href=''>bloggingskill</a> All Right Reseved</p>

<div class='ty-copy-container row' style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>

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