Custom domain-> DNS CNAME Record not showing

few days ago I removed my custom domain from blogger. And DNS was deleted from GODADDY in full. But right now I'm not getting dns records just coming by setting domains saved as soon as I add custom domains to Blogger.

try this (old webmaster tools page):

replace with your domain -> DNS CNAME record -> click on "Details".

If you are redirected to the homepage, click on "add a property" -> select Alternate methods -> Domain name provider -> Other -> click on "Add a CNAME record" -> you will get CNAME host and target.

Add this to your DNS zone.

Important note: You must be logged in with the same google account you use on the blogger.

you also need to add a second CNAME record (ghs) and 4 A-records (IPs): (step 2 and 3)